After having kids it is next to impossible to take some adult time out for myself.  Life gets so BUSY that at times we end up putting ourselves last.  Don’t get me wrong, I like being busy, busy is good but CRAZY busy is something I’m still trying to get used to.  I know that one day my kids will grow up and I will miss these moments.  I will miss those chubby cheeks and toothless smiles.  The holding of my hand while crossing the road and running towards me for reassurance when things go wrong. I’m gonna miss the times when hugging mama in front of friends is neither cool or uncool…its just instinct.  But most of all, I’m gonna miss being CRAZY busy.  Point is ladies…this chaos will slow down one day, and our kids will change overnight (as someone told me that the minute her daughter became a teenager, she was someone different entirely).

In these chaotic times, it is important to have a “play date” with your partner or your friends.  One of the biggest complaints I hear from couples is that once the kids left home they didn’t know who they were married to and where their friends went.  Evolving WITH your partner is just as important as raising good kids. Here is a what I wore at one of my “play dates” with some of our closest friends.



Top:  JC Penny   Pants: Old Navy   Shoes: BCBG  Purse:  Prada

On a side note, the month of Ramadan is here, and it is during this month that Muslims around the world fast from dawn till dusk.  It is a way of connecting with the higher power and getting in touch with their inner spirituality. Fasting also helps remove harmful toxins from our body, and manage certain addictions from caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes or even drugs. If you are interested in knowing more, there is a wealth of info on the web. Just type in “Ramadan” and hopefully you will have enough info to help you.

Health Info:

Speaking of addictions lets talk a bit about Fatty Liver. It is a condition that occurs due to many reasons.  Pregnancy, overweight and most commonly in people who have alcohol addiction.  It can eventually lead to liver failure or worse cirrhosis which is scarring of liver. Symptoms include: Feeling very tired, loss of appetite, nausea.  In case of cirrhosis symptoms include bleeding problems, build up of toxins, jaundice. Diagnosis can be done by a simple ultra sound of the upper right side of the stomach.  If you feel you have ANY of these symptoms I urge you to consult your doctor.  As the old saying goes “its better to be safe than sorry”.th

Image from google

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Hello everyone,

I know, I know its Monday again one of the hardest day of the week BUT on the bright side the weather is getting warmer, sun is shining and in a few short weeks the beaches will be open again…yay!!!

With kids it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to schedule a date night, either they want to tag along or scream their lungs out if left with the babysitter.  My poor babysitter, may she remain healthy and sane 🙂 .  We did accomplish to not only go on a date, but also hang out till 2a.m.  and just talk and watch movies and that for us is a BIG DEAL.  It was pretty close to a PERFECT night.  Here is what I wore, hope you like it.

192195189197198Pants: Express (Similar) Top: (old) Zara (similar) Aldo: Shoes and Clutch (can’t find anymore)(Similar) Bracelet: Macy’s

This time around I think I have developed enough courage to play with bright  popping colors.  Hey, its summer and tis the season of color.  Be brave and try something you have never ever thought of trying, and I promise you it will free you in a sense.  By the way these sandals are super comfortable so definitely check them out.

p.s. Follow me on Instagram and never miss a post.  Enjoy the rest of the week.

Thanks for stopping by,



Quote of the day:


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I don’t know about you ladies, but I am trying my best to soak up  the warmth of the sun.  This is the only way to melt the coldness of this winter away.  As most of you already know I am a warm body and get pretty sad as winter rolls around.  If you want to torture me then send to a cold snowy place no joke.

The look here absolutely screams spring.  What I love about this top is how bright and colorful it is and lets not forget the beautiful butterflies.  This top is pretty versatile too.  I wore it casually here but you can pair it will blue trousers and some heels to dress it up.

IMG_0639IMG_0647IMG_0641IMG_0646Sandals: Aldo.… Top: Nordstrum…. Shades:  Joe Fresh… Earrings:  H&M (similar)

Since I recently had a baby, I pretty much live in flats and these sandals from Aldo are not only stylish but very comfortable.  Something of a requirement for a mom like me.  Wanted to share something personal today…I have an aunt who is absolutely terrified of butterflies (yes I know butterflies) and I am SURE this top wont fly in her house (pun intended 🙂 ).  What are your phobias?…mine are snakes, spiders sigh….the list is long I’m afraid.  Thanks for stopping by.



Spring is here and most people have already started planting flowers and getting a head start in gardening.  So lets talk a little about ROSE GARDENERS DISEASE:  Sporothrix is a fungus that is present in most thorny bushes in the environment.  Disease occurs when we handle soil or get pricked while gardening.  It is not life threatening but very painful if not treated properly.  Antifungals and potassium iodide has been proven to be helpful.

Sporotrichosis-PictureIt is very important to wear gloves when gardening. I hope you have learn’t a little something about Sporothrix. If you need more information you can always consult your doctor.  Happy gardening and soak up the sun.

p.s…Image taken from web
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No mo snow!!!!

The unpredictability of early spring, is that we experience warm days where we happily shed our jackets and days where we have to regretfully bring out our winter gear.   Today is one of those days I’m afraid.

IMG_0569IMG_0578IMG_0579IMG_0585Jacket : Target (Similar).. Boots: Sam Eldman (Similar) Bag: DKNY …(Similar). Jeans: Levis…. Sweater: Ralph Lauren (Sold out) (Similar)

Thankfully on days like these this jacket is a mood lifter.  If you haven’t guessed already I am OBSESSED with polka dots.  Hope you like the look.

Health info:  Speaking of dots, lets talk chicken pox.  It is a Varicella zoster virus.  It is related to Herpes Zoster.  When children get infected with  chicken pox  the virus does not truly go away after treatment.  It lays dormant in the brain for many many years and when we experience debilitating conditions like fever, decreased immunity or just plain old age this virus gets active and comes out as Shingles.  Shingles is very painful and vaccines help decrease the duration.  Babies who have not yet been vaccinated for chicken pox should avoid a person who has shingles because they are at risk of getting chicken pox which can be life threatening.  There is obviously a lot more info on this particular topic and if you are interested in knowing more info please consult your doctor.  Hope I helped.



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Hello Ladies,

I have been seeing a lot of yellow on the racks lately.  It is a tricky color to pull off for some.  You either love it or hate it…there is no in-between.  As for me, I am totally obsessed with it.  It is such a fun happy color and a promise that spring is coming (my favorite season of all).  Hope you like what you see, cause this color is going to be a repeat offender I’m afraid.

IMG_0623IMG_0619IMG_0635 Top: NY & Co ….  Pants: NY & CO ..  Bag: DKNY (similar)  Shoes: old (Similar)

The top runs a size big, so make sure to order a size down.

The older I am getting the busier I seem to be.  There are so many things that I want to accomplish during the day and only about half of them seem to get done.  My plate is ALWAYS full. It can get a bit overwhelming at times.  So for the past month I have been trying a little trick.  It is looking at things in a positive light and finding the humor in small things and believe me… has made a BIG difference. I still have a full plate but I’m not so stressed out about it and as a result I’m happier.  There is always going to be another day but today I am going to play ball with my son who is not going to stay little for long.   Point is ladies…..Its all a matter of perspective.  You change the way you think, and it will change the way you live….PROMISE!!!!

Health Info:

What is yellow fever?

It is a viral infection that is transmitted by mosquitoes.  Usually occurs in people who are traveling to South America or Africa.  The symptoms range from fever, chills and muscle aches and pains eventually leading to liver damage which causes the yellow discoloration of the skin.  It is always a good idea to get vaccinated for yellow fever before traveling to countries that are infested with mosquitoes.  Consult your doctor if you have traveled and are experiencing similar symptoms, a simple blood test can help detect the virus.

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My very first crop top!!!

Hello Ladies,

As most of you know, I just had a baby a few months ago and I am in-between sizes at the moment.  I am in no real hurry to get my pre-baby figure back since I am still nursing and   I must say…I’m kinda enjoying the extra curves.

A few days ago, hubby and I decided to catch a play called “The West Side Story”.  For those of you who are into musicals and wanna watch a good love story, this play is for you. I highly recommend it.  The theater is gorgeous  and at the end of the play I even got to meet the main lead.

Now, I’ve never been much of a crop top lady since I feel that it would expose the areas that still need a bit (ahem)…..toning up.  But when I ordered this top from ASOS I thought to give it a try.  For those of you who don’t want too much of the tummy exposed and still want the short effect…this top is for you, it is not too high and is just short enough to add a little sexy to the look. It was cold that day so I wore a black tank top underneath  for added warmth but I will definitely try it out in the summer without the tank.

Hope you like it.

IMG-20150222-WA0015IMG-20150222-WA0007IMG-20150222-WA0005IMG-20150222-WA0009IMG-20150222-WA0013IMG-20150222-WA0018Top: ASOS… Pants:  Express…  Shoes: BCBG  Purse: Stolen from my mom 🙂

Stay fab ladies,



Health Info:

So last time I spoke briefly about Estrogen.  Today lets talk a bit about Progesterone.  It’s a hormone released by our ovaries to help the uterus prepare for implantation of the fertilized egg(pro-gestation).  Imbalance of estrogen and progesterone will cause bleeding and effect fertility.  High levels of progesterone indicate…pregnancy, cancer of the uterus or the ovaries or a problem with your adrenal gland.  Low levels indicate….miscarriage, infertility and problems with ovulation.  This is just a brief summary of the hormone, if you want to know full details it is a good idea to talk to your doctor or do some research on the web.  I hope I helped.



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