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Hello everyone, I know, I know its Monday again one of the hardest day of the week BUT on the bright side the weather is getting warmer, sun is shining and in a few short weeks the beaches will be … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you ladies, but I am trying my best to soak up  the warmth of the sun.  This is the only way to melt the coldness of this winter away.  As most of you already know I … Continue reading

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Hello Ladies, You might have guessed by the title that I can’t WAIT for this cold arctic weather to turn into spring and warm/hot summer.  I am SUCH a warm body that I almost mourn the coming of winter.  I … Continue reading

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My digital perm experience!!!!

Hello everyone, those who are close to me know how much I hate having pin straight hair….sigh…I wish I had even one curl or a wave, but to my dismay I was born with really straight hair.  My curly-haired friends … Continue reading

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This man is a Genius!!!!

Hello, ladies. Hope the winter has been good to you all. Since I am in Canada for now, I am literally freezing my butt off. But a little cold is not going to hold me back form all the wonderful … Continue reading

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Facial Contouring!!!!!

Hello ladies!!!! welcome back.  I know, most of you must be wondering why I have not done any posts lately and the only thing I have to blame it on is WINTER.  It is the time when the whole house … Continue reading

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