Hello Ladies,

I have been seeing a lot of yellow on the racks lately.  It is a tricky color to pull off for some.  You either love it or hate it…there is no in-between.  As for me, I am totally obsessed with it.  It is such a fun happy color and a promise that spring is coming (my favorite season of all).  Hope you like what you see, cause this color is going to be a repeat offender I’m afraid.

IMG_0623IMG_0619IMG_0635 Top: NY & Co ….  Pants: NY & CO ..  Bag: DKNY (similar)  Shoes: old (Similar)

The top runs a size big, so make sure to order a size down.

The older I am getting the busier I seem to be.  There are so many things that I want to accomplish during the day and only about half of them seem to get done.  My plate is ALWAYS full. It can get a bit overwhelming at times.  So for the past month I have been trying a little trick.  It is looking at things in a positive light and finding the humor in small things and believe me… has made a BIG difference. I still have a full plate but I’m not so stressed out about it and as a result I’m happier.  There is always going to be another day but today I am going to play ball with my son who is not going to stay little for long.   Point is ladies…..Its all a matter of perspective.  You change the way you think, and it will change the way you live….PROMISE!!!!

Health Info:

What is yellow fever?

It is a viral infection that is transmitted by mosquitoes.  Usually occurs in people who are traveling to South America or Africa.  The symptoms range from fever, chills and muscle aches and pains eventually leading to liver damage which causes the yellow discoloration of the skin.  It is always a good idea to get vaccinated for yellow fever before traveling to countries that are infested with mosquitoes.  Consult your doctor if you have traveled and are experiencing similar symptoms, a simple blood test can help detect the virus.


About Heels Health and Happiness

A little about myself: I was born and raised in Canada. Coming from a family with 4 siblings (total) it was hard to convince my parents to give me enough money to experiment with fashion. You see...I come from a family that puts a LOT of emphasis on Academics and fashion was something that was almost looked down I did what most kids do, I went the academic route secretly envying fashion from afar. What I hope to achieve in this blog is to experiment with fashion and all things creative. Be it interior decorating, landscape designing, gardening, art and my first love fashion. I invite you all to join me on this journey of fashion and creativity and self discovery. I will make mistakes and fashion blunders but a wise man once said "The best part of the journey is the journey itself not so much the destination"
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5 Responses to YELLOW FEVER!!!!

  1. moonstone34 says:

    Loving it! Yellow is such a fun color and it looks great on you 🙂
    I agree with you, it really does feel like the older I get the busier my life is. Whenever I’m feeling a little stress out, I always try to remind myself to change my perspective by choosing to reach for a better feeling…every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.

    xo, Jackie


  2. I love yellow!! I embraced it more recently and definitely agree it’s a great color 🙂 Love your look and the info about yellow fever!!

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  3. Stunning! You wear yellow well! Love those shoes too, btw.

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  4. Love canary yellow! Feel like it is such an understated color and a handful choose to not incorporate it into their wardrobe because it is more of a difficult color to pair opposite with. You look phenomenal =)



  5. vivalaViv says:

    Bright yellow loves you! 🙂
    I love wearing yellow! This vivid colour always makes me happy!!


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