Fall Fun!!!!

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting.  I know I have not done a post in over a week and that is because my computer has died and I am using my husbands computer as we speak.  My new computer will be arriving in two weeks and I will try my best to put up a few pictures.

Lately the weather is warm one day and cold the next.  My outfit today is something I would wear if the weather is a bit chilly.  I love the colors of Autumn and I enjoy incorporating those colors into my wardrobe.  I hope you like the look.IMG_9605IMG_9609IMG_9616IMG_9617IMG_9618IMG_9622Top: Jones New York,   Pants: Express,  Sunnies: Joe Fresh,  Shoes: Guess

I am kinda into animal prints lately, so the print on the shoe helps tie in the look nicely. On a side note, I was shopping for some sweaters and it was disappointing to see that all the summer colors were missing, mostly the colors were either grey, black, maroon, off white or orange.  I for one will continue to wear colors well into the winter months.  The trick is to find them on the racks.  If you know of a store that is all about color I would love to hear about it.

Ok as promised I will share a medical fact and an act of kindness that I did this Monday.

Medical Fact:  One of the great things about the hormone Estrogen is that it helps prevent osteoporosis and heart disease.  You will rarely find a woman suffer a heart attack BEFORE menopause.  Estrogen helps clear up the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).  Men are not so lucky 😦

Commitment to Kindness (Act 1):  Went through a drive through at the coffee shop near my house and paid for the costumer behind me…….Hope she passed the kindness forward. 🙂

Stay fab ladies,




About Heels Health and Happiness

A little about myself: I was born and raised in Canada. Coming from a family with 4 siblings (total) it was hard to convince my parents to give me enough money to experiment with fashion. You see...I come from a family that puts a LOT of emphasis on Academics and fashion was something that was almost looked down upon....so I did what most kids do, I went the academic route secretly envying fashion from afar. What I hope to achieve in this blog is to experiment with fashion and all things creative. Be it interior decorating, landscape designing, gardening, art and my first love fashion. I invite you all to join me on this journey of fashion and creativity and self discovery. I will make mistakes and fashion blunders but a wise man once said "The best part of the journey is the journey itself not so much the destination"
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14 Responses to Fall Fun!!!!

  1. evelenmargaret says:

    I know how you feel. My laptop is near death as well ! I have to have a look at Amazon .You look great as always. You are a very beautiful woman. Natural beauty is very rare nowdays.


  2. Judy says:

    I love that Yellow 🙂


  3. bpreethi says:

    You really carry off that yellow with ease 🙂 looking fab


  4. I love the texture of that top! It looks great with the necklace. 🙂 love your act of kindness. I hope she paid it forward too and that it started a chain!


  5. love your outfit and details ❤


  6. Love the colors! Looks great on you! That necklace i gorgeous 🙂


  7. thefashioness says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Yellow looks fantastic on you! I also love to wear colors for every season. I’m totally into animal prints lately too, and posted looks wearing animal print clothes. Regarding your act of kindness, I believe that small acts of kindness make the difference in people’s lives and we should be a blessing to others.



  8. john am says:

    nice outfit 😉

    btw check out this site that is made only for bloggers 😉


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